Shandaniah Limited is a private limited company focused on innovation and excellence. It was founded by the Mugayehwenkyi family in 2011 and has quickly distinguished itself because of its attention to time, cost and quality  detail in execution of projects.
Our Vision
Shandaniah envisions “An innovatively constructed world!”
Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide high quality construction services, supplies and design.
Strategic Intent
Our intent is to provide a faithful service to our clients so that they can have a peace of mind about their building projects. We offer value for our clients’ money in all areas of construction and construction management.
Our services are tailor made to fit within our clients’ needs, taste and financial ability.
Core Values

  1. People: we believe that our success is primarily due to our committed team. We strive to provide a rewarding environment with opportunity to grow to each one’s full potential. Our team is the key to achieving our goals.  The unique differences in skills and talent of our team brought together result into an empowered company to serve you.
  2. Integrity: We say what we do and do what we say.  You can count on us to keep our word. We believe that integrity is key to lasting relationships which are important for our success in the industry.
  3. Passion: At Shandaniah we believe that great outcomes result not only from skills and knowledge. But also from the loving, dedication and unwavering faith our team put into work. They engage in all works with all their heart and mind to deliver quality.
  4. Innovation:  We anticipate client's needs, design and apply appropriate solutions that meet such new requirements. We concern ourselves with and make effort to evolve better and more effective products, processes, services and business models designed to satisfy our client's identified needs.
  5. Quality: We acknowledge and strive to achieve quality and excellence in all our construction works not as a requirement but as an obligation toward our esteemed clients.  This is a hallmark of a successful and growing company for which we aspire to.
  6. Generosity: We know and believe that it is more blessed to give than to receive. We are an Ethically and Socially Responsible Company and we share a percentage of our earnings with vulnerable children, women and elderly in order to make a positive change in their lives.